Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap | A Visit from Memaw & Grandpa

This past weekend Memaw and Grandpa (Harper and Keegan's Great Grandparent's) were able to stop in and visit for a few days before heading back to Indiana! They've been camping in the south since early January to avoid the cold winter up north!

The weather didn't cooperate much while they were here but we did at least get to go to the nature park Friday afternoon! Harper and Keegan even wore their new shirts Memaw and Grandpa got them from Biloxi, MS!

With Memaw and Grandpa in town, Craig and I were even able to run a few errands and grab a bite to eat by ourselves Saturday night! SAM's, Lowe's, Suzushi & Braum's!

Harper and Keegan loved Memaw and Grandpa reading them books but I think they loved the ice cream they brought even more! I'm pretty sure they are going to start demanding dessert every night from now on!

We are sad to see them go but so glad they were able to stop in and visit for a few days! Next time we see them will be for Brian and Kelsey's wedding in September!

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  1. If I decide to drive down you know they will want to come with me!


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