Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 months...a little late

Keegan & Harper are 3 months...and 13 days old.  I'm just a little late posting this.

It's been an interesting month.  I went back to work on January 7. :(  I'm very lucky though and work is amazing!  I'm able to work from 7-3:30 each day which helps save Craig and I on childcare.  We basically tag team each day.  Olivia, our nanny, is here each morning while Craig is at work then Craig is here with the kiddos in the afternoon till I get home at 3:45 and then I'm on my own till the they go to bed since Craig typically doesn't get home till 8 or so.  Olivia is wonderful with the kiddos!  It's so nice knowing they are in good hands while I'm at work each day!

Craig and I have both had strep throat and colds within the past 3 weeks.  We are both finally starting to feel better so hopefully none of us will be sick again for awhile!  Thankfully, the kids have not gotten sick!

Back to the kids though...they are getting so big!!  We don't go back to the pediatrician till 4 months though so I'm not sure exactly how much they weight.  Harper is still wearing 0-3 months but Keegan has jumped up to 3-6 months!

Keegan eats 5-6 oz each time he eats while Harper eats 4-5 oz...sometimes they'll each eat a little more but those numbers are pretty average.  At 3 months they were still eating 6 times a day but now it's typically only 5 times a day.  They eat every 3 hours during the day but it seems like they're wanting to go a few minutes longer each time now.

Harper still does not like tummy time.  She screams after 1-2 minutes tops.  It's terrible but we still do it everyday.  Keegan doesn't seem to mind it.  He can normally lay there for 10 minutes before crying.  They both love their playmat!  I'm pretty sure they could lay there and play for hours.  They both love to be held and talked to.  Smiling... they smile quite a bit now, especially Keegan!  He is just the smiliest kid!  Harper even sometimes has to take a break during eating just to smile. :)

They are sleeping like champs at night now and it's fantastic!  They started sleeping through the night (till 4 at least) the week I went back to work so they must have known that Mom needed her sleep!  Now we can count on at least 8.5-9 hours each night if not more.  The past few nights they've slept at least 10 hours and Keegan went over 11 last night!  Napping is a whole different story.  They do not like to nap and typically only nap for an hour at a time.

Now I'll leave you with the best part... pictures!

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