Monday, March 24, 2014

17 months

Harper and Keegan are 17 months old as of last Tuesday! It's hard to believe they will be 1 1/2 next month! It makes me so sad to think how quickly they've grown! They don't have a checkup at the doctor till next month so this post will be short and sweet.


...loves to dance! She is a dancing machine... but kind of lacks rhythm.

...does not like when Keegan gets put in timeout. She cries and is so sad for him the entire time he is in time out. It's the longest 1 minute of her life... and mine. such a good eater! She will try pretty much everything we give her!

...especially loves blueberries! I can't get them on her tray fast enough!

...wants to eat or drink whatever Craig or I are eating or drinking.

...loves to tickle Keegan and Squeegee. It's the sweetest thing.

...always kisses the iPad when saying bye to Mimi and Gramps or Aunt Kaitlyn after we FaceTime.

...LOVES books! I can't tell you how many times I've read the same book over and over and over! such a Daddy's girl.


...loves to throw things! He constantly has a ball or block in his hand to throw! Not sure if he is a righty or lefty though...

....dances anytime there is music but has more reserved "moves" than Harper.

...likes to test his boundaries. He loves to giggle and grin when you tell him "no!" and then do whatever it is again. The terrible two's are going to be terrible.

...has a healthy appetite! One cheeseburger is no problem for him to scarf down by himself... along with a few french fries and fruit.

...likes to give slobbery, open mouth kisses. Squeegee and the iPad are his main targets.

...says 'dog' and 'hot' all the time!

...drinks WAY more milk than Harper! This is when he's not throwing his sippy cup which is 99.9% of the time.

...loves to FaceTime on the iPad!

They both love

...their Pottery Barn chairs. Stand up, sit down, flip them over, do flips over them.

...Peekaboo Sesame Street and Peekaboo Barn. greet Nanny Olivia at the front door.

...feeding Squeegee their leftovers.


  1. They are so stinking cute. I am especially happy that your pjs made a debut in this post...

    1. Thanks Erika! Maybe the pj's will make an appearance at our next twin mom night...


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