Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

I forgot on Sunday that it is still January. It was such a gorgeous day! 76 and sunny! I was quickly reminded Monday that yes, it is still January when I was pumping gas and the temperature was in the 20's with 25 mph winds.  I realize my friends and family in Indiana wish it was in the 20's there but I'm in Texas, it's supposed to be warmer here!

I'm so ready for Spring weather! I'm ready to go for nice long walks (or runs, maybe) after work, push the kids in their swings, and just play outside! Now that both Harper and Keegan are walking, we can actually play in the backyard.  I wasn't a fan of this when they were crawling because I was sure they would crawl right into a nice pile of dog poop.  I'm sure this is still going to happen at some point but hopefully they'll just step in it instead of putting their hands in it.  Wishful thinking I'm sure.

We had such a fun time playing in the backyard that afternoon.  Squeegee was nice enough to share all of his clean gross toys with them. I'm thinking we need to get some non-slobber covered outside toys although they'll probably still play with Squeegee's slobbery/gross tennis balls.

Hurry up Spring! We're ready for you!

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