Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

Something I'd like to get better at is using my "big girl" camera.  I am always taking pictures on my iPhone but never think to get my actual camera out.  Since I hadn't put everything away yet on New Year's Eve, I saw my camera sitting on the counter and decided to actually use it for once!

Craig was bagging up the thousands of leaves from our two trees in our backyard (seriously, who knew two trees had so many leaves on them?!) and the kids stood at the back door and watched him for at least 20 minutes.  Lots of time for Momma to take pictures! :)

Harper squats like this all the time.  Future softball catcher?

Show me your belly!

Since Mimi and Gramps don't get to see us very often, I try to FaceTime with them almost everyday.  Harper and Keegan know the sound of making a FaceTime call and come walking (or crawling) over.

New Year's Eve night was spent with Uncle Scott & Cousin Wyatt.  We did not feel like going anywhere since we were still exhausted from traveling so lucky for us, they came and stayed the night at our house!

It's so much fun to watch Harper & Keegan with Wyatt!  He is so sweet with them!

Harper & Keegan are not big on giving kisses but they kept trying to give Wyatt kisses all night.  So adorable!

Uncle Scott & Keegan

Snuggles with Uncle Scott
Bedtime stories!

Caught red-handed

We loved having them over and had such a fun time!  Harper and Keegan kept saying after they left, "Come back soon Wyatt!  And bring cousin Aiden too!"

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