Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas in Indiana 2013 - Part 2

Christmas Day was wonderful!  We opened lots of presents!  Harper and Keegan honestly could have cared less about presents.  I imagine that will change some next year and even more the following year.

While Harper and Keegan got many gifts, their gifts from Aunt Kaitlyn were their favorites by far!  The slide and caterpillar tunnel she got them blew the other gifts away by a mile.  Those gifts were all they really cared about.  They didn't care that they got new Toms, Hanna Andersson pajamas, fun toys, Babiators, Under Armour outfits... but I cared. :)

The rest of Christmas Day mainly consisted of relaxing which was wonderful! And most definitely needed!

I was able to see my best friend Jennifer while we were in Indiana.  We were only able to meet for lunch so we didn't get to spend as much time together as we wanted but it was so good to see her and her daughter, Macy!  We met at Chick-fil-a, of course. :) Side note: I call Jennifer every time I go through the Chick-fil-a drive-thru at lunch which typically happens at least once or twice a week.  She knows my obsession.  She could probably even tell you my order at this point.

Keegan, Macy, & Harper
I tried to get pictures anytime we all looked half-way decent since we were all in sweatpants with dirty hair most of the time.

That vest. #diva
On the Friday after Christmas we went to the Evansville Iceman hockey game.  It was so much fun!!  Cousin Craig had surprised us on Christmas Eve with tickets in a suite for the game! We were pumped! I hadn't been to the Ford Center yet and it is SO nice!  Way better than Roberts Stadium!  He definitely hooked us up!  Free beer and free food... enough said!  Thank you Craig!!
Before we left for the game, we took a few pictures since we were all out of sweatpants for probably only the 3rd time all week.

On our last full day in Indiana, it finally got warm above freezing so we wanted to get a few pictures outside. Needless to say, we were only outside for about 10 minutes before it was too cold but at least we got a few good shots!

Keegan loves his Gramps!
I love this picture!

Craig had been waiting all week to let Squeegee jump in the lake.  And now he will wait all year so he can do it again next year.

And Keegan got to ride in the golf cart with Gramps.  He wanted to be with Gramps pretty much the whole time we were there.  #meltsmyheart

I'm sad our time in Indiana went by so quickly but it was such a good visit!! Craig pointed out that it was probably our best trip yet and I have to say I agree with him.  Well till next Christmas anyway...

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  1. All the pictures look great! Once you get them uploaded I'm going to have to print some of them.


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