Sunday, February 23, 2014

Currently Loving | Our 16 Month Favorites

We have so many toys but Harper and Keegan definitely seem to have some favorites!

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Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair - We got these not long after their birthday and love them! Harper and Keegan each have a chair but rarely sit in their "assigned" chair. Most of the time Keegan is in Harper's and vice versa. Or they are fighting over the same way. They love to sit and "read" in them, stand up on them, and run and fall into them. 

Caterpillar Tunnel - This was a Christmas gift and has been a huge hit ever since! I would recommend this to anyone with a baby who his crawling or walking! One thing I love about 
it is how easy to store it is!

Balls - We have soccer balls, tennis balls, rubber kick balls, footballs... basically every type of sports ball possible. Keegan is always bouncing them, throwing them (he loves to play fetch with Squeegee!), and shooting them in his basketball goal. He is such a boy!

Little Tikes DiscoverSounds Shape, Sort and Scatter - This toy was another Christmas gift and honestly, I was too sure if it was going to be a hit or not at first. I was wrong. Harper will sit and play with this toy longer than any other toy! She is learning which shapes fit where! It is so fun to watch her learn!

Books - We have LOTS of books! Harper and Keegan are both book worms. They love "reading" books and being read to. 

Little Tikes First Slide  - Yet another Christmas gift. This slide is used over and over throughout the day! They love going down the slide!!

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  1. We LOVE balls in our house! I think a slide is in our future, now, too:)


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