Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap!

Last Wednesday we loaded up and drove up to Craig's Aunt M.E. & Uncle John's in Wichita Falls for Thanksgiving!  Once we arrived we were all about just enjoying the time with the family!  We all have such a fun time at Thanksgiving each year and this year was no different!

The afternoon consisted of wagon rides through the pasture and hanging outside!

Harper snuggling with Uncle Scott
Aiden & Aunt Melinda
Uncle Sam, Keegan, Craig, & Harper
Wednesday evening was a little different than our typical Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. This year we were celebrating Craig's cousin John getting his PhD from Princeton!  Yep, he's definitely way smarter than the rest of us and we're all so proud of him!

M.E. & John threw him one heck of a party!  We dined on shrimp, crab legs, and lots of other yummy food and drank what seemed like an endless supply of champagne!  And what's a party without a DJ?!  Seriously, they got a DJ and it was AWESOME!  (Cousins - this needs to become a Wednesday night tradition!)

Aunt Pat, Scott, & Craig
Erin & Kathryn
Thursday consisted of lots of the same fun from Wednesday -- wagon rides and having fun with all the cousins!  Apparently I only got one picture of all four of us the entire time we were there. #momfail

How is this the only picture I have of the four of us?
Apparently plaid was the trend of Thanksgiving day!  Even Keegan had plaid on but he was napping while this picture was taken.

I believe our total head count for Thanksgiving day was 44!  Before we pray before lunch, we all stand in a circle and count out how many are there.  It's always so fun to see how big the number is!

One of the best Thanksgiving traditions is sitting out by the fire each night -- sharing stores and having a few drinks!  A nice addition to the fire was the TV setup outside so we could watch the Texas vs. Texas Tech game.  Hook em!

Craig & Wyatt
It's sad that Thanksgiving is over because it's always such a great time but now it's time for us to get pumped up for my favorite time of the year! Christmas!!  Only 20 days away!  Let the countdown begin!

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