Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

Today we are on our way up to Wichita Falls to join the rest of Craig's family for some Thanksgiving fun on the farm!  We didn't get what we consider the full Thanksgiving experience last year since we drove up and back in the same day so we are really looking forward to spending a few days with everyone this year!

Harper & Keegan were only five weeks old for Thanksgiving last year!  They were so tiny... and we were SO tired exhausted!  I barely even remember anything from this time last year!
So small!
I sure needed a highlight... and some eye cream.

Thanksgiving is hands down Craig's favorite time of the year!  He looks forward to spending time with his cousins at Thanksgiving all year long.  We started counting down back in September!  And honestly, I love all the fun at Thanksgiving!  The pie making, sitting around the fire, the s'mores, Black Friday shopping... I love it!  We all have such a good time together!  Christmas will always be my favorite time of the year but Thanksgiving isn't far behind!

So we've packed up what seems like the entire house and we're off to enjoy Thanksgiving festivities! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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