Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Ever since we got back from our Thanksgiving trip, I feel like I've been in a constant state of playing catch up.  Craig and I have both been sick twice in the past few weeks which means even when laundry gets done it doesn't always get put away, my grocery shopping has not been happening each weekend when it normally does, and the house is definitely not as clean as I would prefer.  We never got any of our Christmas decorations out or even put away our suitcases from our trip.  At this point, it's a lost cause since the suitcases are now being repacked for our Christmas trip to Indiana!

I struggled over the decision to not decorate for Christmas but I'm okay that I didn't.  Next year it will be a bit easier to keep them away from the tree {hopefully} so I fully intend on decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving so we can fully enjoy the decorations and our Elf on the Shelf until we leave for Indiana.  It just seemed silly this year to decorate a week into December and only enjoy the decorations for two weeks.

Not only am I playing catch up in real life but also here on the blog.  I promise I'm going to get better at consistently posting!  New Year's Resolution maybe??

So here's what's been going on...

We had the ice storm the first weekend of the month and I was able to work from home that Friday since the roads were a sheet of a ice!

My view while I worked...
Snuggled up in our pajamas
Harper and Keegan decided since it was too cold to play outside, they'd just pretend to go to the drive-in.

Not long after the ice melted, Harper and Keegan both got snotty noses.  As if one sick kid isn't enough fun, two just puts it over the top.  Even though I hate them not feeling well, it is nice to get in some snuggles every once in awhile.

Luckily they got over being sick quickly since we had a big weekend ahead - Mione Christmas party! {post coming soon!}


  1. Your twins are so cute :-) Love the pictures!


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