Saturday, November 23, 2013

13 months!

Harper and Keegan turned 13 months on November 18.  The past month has gone be faster than I could have imagined! It seems like they just had their birthday last weekend. They are transitioning into toddler-hood faster than I thought.

No more bottles or formula!  We officially finished with bottles and formula this past month!  I know some people are sad about this but I couldn't be more excited!  Making bottles for two babies who drink two different kinds of formula was kind of really a pain.  Right after their birthday we dropped their three daytime bottles cold turkey and replaced them with sippy cups of milk at mealtimes.  Then we dropped the night time bottle about 2 weeks ago.  Keegan seems to really like whole milk and Harper tolerates it.  Honestly, I think they could care less they aren't getting bottles anymore because these two can seriously eat some food!  They might be small but they can pack it away!

Some of Harper's favorite foods include: yogurt, mandarin oranges, cheese, Nutrigrain bars, stuffed chicken with broccoli and cheese, french toast sticks, green beans

Some of Keegan's favorite foods include: waffles, steamed broccoli, stuffed chicken with broccoli and cheese, french toast sticks, lima beans, Italian stuffed peppers

Craig and I probably aren't going to win any "Parents of the Year" awards anytime soon since we do feed them processed foods and don't make everything we feed them but we're okay with that.  Harper and Keegan are both healthy and growing and that's what matters.  We feed them TONS of fruits and veggies but they've had Chick-fil-a (and Chipotle and other fast food joints) a few times as well. :) Of course, just like their parents, they LOVE Chick-fil-a!

They both are really good sleepers.  They go to bed between 7:15-7:30 PM (occasional 7:40) and wake up around 7:20 AM.  They are still taking two naps - 9:30-10:45 AM and 1:45-anywhere between 3:30-4:15.  They don't always quickly fall asleep for their naps so I'm wondering if we will start transitioning to one nap sometime after the holidays.

It's been so fun to watch Harper and Keegan play together recently.  They would kind of acknowledge the other before but not all the time.  This month they have really been interacting and becoming best friends.  It's so cute to watch!  They love to play peek-a-boo!!  Most of the time they are using the curtains in the nursery to hide behind but sometimes they hide from each other behind our living room recliner.  The giggling during an intense round of peek-a-boo is just the best! :)

Anything else?
Harper is walking!  She still crawls a decent amount but her walking has really improved.  She kind of walks like a drunken sailor but she's just so darn cute!

Keegan has zero interest in walking.  He pulls up on anything and everything and has for quite sometime but has just recently started letting go and standing on his own for a few seconds.  If you try to make him stand on his own though, watch out for the noodle legs.

Too soon for tantrums to begin? Unfortunately, no. We've already had a few knock down drag out fights.  Well not really but they've both hit each other several times and are learning how to push each others buttons.  Harper likes to scream and make dramatic facial expressions (typical girl, I know) and Keegan prefers to lay flat on the floor on his stomach to make his point known.

It's been amazing to watch them learn.  They both can wave hi/bye and clap.  Keegan can high five and Harper can signal a touchdown.  And if you'd like a big open mouth slobbery kiss, Keegan is your man for sure.  Harper's kisses are a little more reserved.

Sometimes I think Harper actually thinks I can understand her.  She rambles on about who knows what for hours on end.  The girl seriously never shuts up.  I'm pretty sure this already drives her brother crazy.  Even though Keegan isn't as vocal, he is loud when he wants to be like during diaper changes which he hates.

I'm so excited for all our family and friends to get to spend sometime with them during the upcoming holidays! They're so much fun!!

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