Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1st Birthday Party!

I planned and planned for Harper and Keegan's 1st Birthday Party and it went by in the blink of an eye.

I absolutely loved the invitations!  The original idea I found was actually for a gender reveal invitation but I was able to work with a great Etsy shop (Popcorn and Pixels)!  She transformed the gender reveal invitation into the birthday invitation.  They were exactly what I was wanting!!
The day of the party was fantastic!  The weather was perfect and the kids were in such great moods!  The cakes turned out just how I wanted and so did the decorations!

My favorite part of the decorations were the chalkboard stat boards I made!  They could not have turned out any better!! UPDATE: Chalkboard signs can be purchased from SugarBub Designs!

Harper and Keegan loved eating cake... especially Keegan!  I'm pretty sure cake is his favorite food now.

I can't believe their birthday was already over a month ago!  It was such a fun day!  I'm so glad so many friends and family were able to enjoy the day with us!


  1. It looks like Keegan couldn't shovel it in fast enough!

  2. Hi There! Love the party! Where did you get the high chair banners or did you make them? If you made them, where did you find the gold letters? Thank you!

    1. I made the banners! They were actually really easy! I bought thick gold scrapbook paper and just traced letters I'd printed from the computer. The paper was too think to feed through the printer directly.


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